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Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions. 500 x 500 x 6mm
  • Flame Retardant – Class BFl S1
  • Hardness – Shore A
  • Service life – 20 Years
  • Sound Absorption – up to 46db
  • Chemical Resistant – Resistant to most common chemicals
  • Packaging – 8 tiles per carton or 2 sq mtrs
  • Available in 8 colours - Light Grey, Dark Grey, Red, Yellow, Dark Blue, Sky Blue, Black and Green

You can use a jig saw or circular saw (60 tooth minimum for best results) or even a hand held wood saw. You will also need a rubber mallet to force the tiles to locate and secure together.

Sweep the floor and ensure its free of dust. Versatile will hide cracked and damaged floors to some degree but obviously large holes or uneven floors will need to be filled prior to laying. You can lay Versatile on vinyl flooring but we recommend you lift carpeted flooring prior to laying Versatile.

They are resistant to most chemicals found in a typical domestic garage or commercial workshop. Solvent will damage the finish to the tile if left untreated for a period of time. Spillages should be cleaned up immediately as you would with any other surface.

Yes, they make perfect garage flooring but please be aware that tyre rubber will leave a stain on virtually any surface as rubber does stain. The best way to protect against this is to have a darker tile that runs under your wheels and the lighter colours for the rest of the garage. The most common application for Versatile is garage flooring as it’s easy to keep clean, is warmer to walk on and absorbs noise. Dark grey tiles fitted at axle width along your garage with light grey tiles elsewhere is our largest colour combination seller.

Just warm water mopping with a common neutral PH floor cleaner. Do not spray with polish as this will turn a grippy tile into a slippy tile.

For most applications it is not necessary and you may want to take the tiles with you should you move. If the tiles have very heavy lifting equipment then it may be necessary to use adhesive. Soudal Hi Tack Fix All Adhesive.

If your garage, home gym, or workshop or commercial property is 6mtrs long and 4 mtrs wide you need to order 24sq mtrs. The tiles are 500x500 so there are 4 to the sq mtr. They are packed in boxes of 2 sq mtrs so 8 tiles per box.

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