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Versatile - the PVC floor tile - it's the future – avoid painting floors forever!

Welcome to the home of Versatile the 6mm interlocking PVC floor tile developed and manufactured by Patterson & Rothwell.  With a shore hardness of 90A and resistant to most chemicals Versatile is an instant flooring solution for Domestic Garage, Industrial and Commercial applications.

Versatile has natural thermal, acoustic and absorption properties, is so easy to fit and is available in 8 colours. Versatile really is the ideal flooring solution AND when you move you can take it with you!!

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Versatile handles a 4 ton injection mould tool
leaving no indentations or scuffs.

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Industrial Flooring

Industrial Flooring is an ideal application for Versatile. Perhaps the most versatile industrial floor tiles available at 6mm its super tough and resistant to most chemicals found in industrial environments.
At a shore hardness of 90A it’s the perfect industrial floor covering as it can take the weight of a 4-ton injection mould tool!
In addition, it's very easy to install and take up. With availability in 7 different colours Versatile is suitable for all industrial flooring environments.


Commercial Flooring

Commercial Flooring is what Versatile was made for. As commercial floor tiles go, Versatile is resistant to most chemicals found in a commercial workplace and "comes up like new" with warm water and a mop. It's so easy to keep clean.
With a choice of 7 different colours available, it’s easy to find a match for your commercial flooring application and comes with a range of fittings including corner pieces and edging strips.
Moving soon? Simply lift Versatile and take it with you.


Garage Flooring

In addition to Industrial & Commercial flooring projects Versatile has found its niche in Garage Flooring. The "fast to fit" interlocking garage floor tiles are easy to cut to size and give the finish that your garage floor has been waiting for.
With excellent thermal properties your floor ing will add warmth to the garage and provide an outstanding home for your car.
Tiles make outstanding garage flooring for home gyms and transform a dusty cold garage into a light airy warm inviting space. Wipe with a mop to keep them in superb condition and they are resistant to any chemical found in a domestic garage.

The PVC Floor Tile - it's the future

PVC Floor Tiles are exceptionally versatile.
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