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Frequently Asked Questions

You can use a heavy duty carpet knife or an electric jigsaw and bench. You will then need a rubber mallet to fit the tiles to locate and secure together. Contact our team with any queries. We offer a fully experienced installation service if required.

Usually very little!. Sweep the floor and ensure it is free any debris. Versatile will settle on most uneven surfaces and hide cracked and damaged floors. For large holes or bumps use a filler or chisel prior to laying. You can lay Versatile on vinyl flooring but we recommend you lift thick carpeted flooring prior to laying Versatile.

The patented material we use is resistant to most chemicals found in a typical domestic garage or commercial workshop. Solvent will damage the tiles if left untreated for a period of time. Spillages should be cleaned up immediately as you would with any other surface. Full chemical list available.

Yes, they make for a perfect garage floor! Darker tiles are favourite to hide any possible dirt or marks from tyres. The most common application for Versatile is garage flooring as it’s easy to keep clean, is warmer to walk on and absorbs noise.

Simply keep the floor clean with a warm damp mop or cloth with a common neutral PH floor or washing liquid. Ask about our special floor sealer polishes.

In almost all applications, bonding is not necessary and this gives you the choice  to take the tiles with you should you move. Only if the tiles have very heavy lifting equipment or extreme heat on top then it may be necessary to use adhesive.

If your garage, home gym, or workshop or commercial property is 6 metres long and 4 metres wide you need to note – 6x4 – 24.sq metres. Also your doorway width which may require edging – then send us these details for us to return a great price!

Call and speak to our highly trained and enthusiastic staff for prices and further information or advice regarding your project.