Patterson & Rothwell Launch Verastile


We are please to announce the launch of our new 6mm interlocking PVC floor tile ……Versatile.

Versatile is an ideal flooring solution for Domestic, Industrial and Commercial Applications. It’s very hard wearing, resistant to most chemicals, is easy to keep clean, has thermal and noise absorption properties and the best bit is that you can take it with you should you move. It’s easy to cut and lay requiring no special tools or adhesives.

It’s also available in 7 different colours, so easy to find one that suits the job in hand.  See our full technical specification here. Bring life to your garage and cut down on the dirt and dust that builds up on your floor. Create a colourful shop floor around or on your machinery in complimenting colours or create a laboratory look with our light grey tiles. All tiles are naturally anti-static.

Versatile comes in boxes of 8 tiles that covers 2 square meters and can be shipped virtually to any UK address. Simply measure the length and width of your floor (for example your garage is 4.5mtrs x 4.5mtrs meaning you will need 20.25 sq mtrs. Round this figure up to 21sq mtrs or 84 tiles required by multiplying the L x W = sq mtrs required.)

If you are in the Trade and fit PVC floor tiles please contact us to get our trade prices.

The product is manufactured here in Oldham by our sister company Patterson & Rothwell Ltd, a plastic injection moulding company incorporated in 1982. The company manufacture under ISO 9001 accreditation so you can be assured you will receive the products fit for purpose.

Don't just take our word for it, here is a review from one of our customers

"I ordered Versatile from Mark and they arrived within the 3 day quoted delivery time. They are packed in a typical carpet tile style of box, which is banded together and there are 8 tiles in each box. They are quite heavy at 14kg per box but that assured me that I was getting a quality floor tile. I found them easy to cut either with a hacksaw or a bench circular saw. Take care when cutting up to the walls. What do they say measure twice cut once! You need a soft mallet to knock the tiles together but once in place they stay down. I was really pleased with the final finish. You just need to mop every now and again with warm water and they come up like new. Versatile has really transformed my office reception area and I’m really pleased with them." John Gledhill, Dewsbury